Donate CHEESE coin to help the needy

Hello! BREAK off a little CHEESE to SPREAD around to those who are not having a GRATE time or have had a STRING of bad luck.

Here is my mission statement:

I will use funds raised on this site to purchase fiat, which will be used to sponsor disadvantaged candidates in my area. I will provide meals, toiletries, cleaning supplies, pet care, or transportation assistance to those in need. 

Donate CHEESE to this address:


This campaign will maintain transparency, and provide updates to the work we do.  Donors can remain anonymous but I would like to recognize anyone that contributes if they are willing to be added to the donor list. 

This section will eventually be where we recognize donors and share pictures and stories of the people we have helped. 

When this site begins to gain traction it will be migrated to wordpress where I will revamp it.